RP Series Eccentric Ball Valve

Eccentric control valve is a kind of eccentric angle stroke control valve. The main body of the valve is designed for reduced flow resistance through valve body, a guided eccentric valve shaft and the spherical contoured plug/ball gives optimum flow control. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, large flow capacity and high adjustable ratio. This kind of structure is especially suitable for working conditions with heavy polluted media, such as pulp, limestone, solid granular media, viscous media and cavitation and erosion.




Product Features

  • The design -The eccentric ball valve has the controllability of a Globe Control valve. This compact design offers Globe control in a Rotary valve.. ” Rotary Globe Valve”.
  • Integral body design (casting of valve body and bonnet as a one body) has no static and dynamic seals except packing seals.
  • Low-torque design, The eccentric design plug only gets into contact with the seat at the last moment when closing the valve. No Friction -reducing torque. Most of the torque required to achieve shut-off.
  • The Unique design of the Eccentric plug gives optimum Linear Installed Characterization.
  • Ease of Maintenance- seat can be replaced by removing the retaining ring. Seat options Metal and Soft seat.
  • Special design: with thermal insulation jacket, erosion resistant design, suitable for easy crystallization medium.
  • Linear Seating Motion due to Eccentric plug design.
  • Rotary design – Increase packing live.
  • Body material options: WCB, CF8M, CF8, SAF2205, etc.
  • Trim material : 316 + Alloy, Tungsten, etc.
  • Low noise design as option.


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