Ceramic Ball Control Valve

Trim components of ceramic ball valve adopt Alumina or zirconia ceramic with high chemical stability and hardness (HRC88), only inferior to diamond.




The ceramic lined valve has very good performance on abrasion erosion, and corrosion resistance, and excellent heat-shielding, electric insulation. Mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrials where the metal valve cannot be applicable.

The ball is made by advanced grinding equipment and advanced process technology that can ensure high precision ball roundness, good surface. The self-lubricating capability of ceramic ensures the good sealing after polishing, which radically changed the defects that metal hard sealing valve has such as big torque, non-corrosion-resistant sealing surface.

Ceramic valve adopts new high-tech type structural ceramic material as sealing and wearing parts, which can improve abrasion and corrosion resistance, and sealing performance, prolonging lifespan, 2-4 times of lifespan than Titanium Alloy and Monel valve. Using ceramic valve can reduce repair or replacement costs and improve safety, stability of operating system.

This valve fit in granule medium of high hardness, or medium with erosion soft granule. Nominal pressure PN10-PN40, applicable temperature <-200 degrees=”” c=”” manufacture=”” and=”” design=”” accordance=”” to=”” gb=”” jis=”” api=”” standards=”” p=””>

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