Procontrol Pneumatic Actuator

The SPS & SPD series, heavy duty high performance design actuators, are for ProControl the long-standing products of the range.




Key Features

  • Fabricated entirely from carbon steel.
  • Totally enclosed weatherproof housing.
  • Scotch yoke mechanism to suit valve torque requirements.
  • Relief vent to expel undesired over pressure.
  • Low pressure pneumatic cylinder for supply pressures up to 12 bar design suitable for instrument air or sweet/inert gas applications or special application with material according to NACE
  • requirements for sour gas supply medium.
  • Carbon steel piston with dynamic floating O-ring seals coupled with lubricating piston guide rings.
  • Carbon steel spring cartridge (only for single acting) with safety facility which allows safe installation and removal of the whole cartridge assembely.
  • AISI 316SS mechanical position indicator (fully sealed IP68 to avoid ingress into the scotch yoke area) complete with VDI/VDE 3845 NAMUR drive slot for monitoring devices.
  • Bronze sliding blocks which ensure minimum friction, allowing for a long service life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Bronze thrust bearings and high strength alloy steel chromium plated thrust reaction bar which guides the scotch yoke throughout its stroke and supports all transverse loads generated.

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