Blanes 4 Piston Type Actuator Product Info

Proven Advantage Is a quarter turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that is patented worldwide. The superiority of the actuator over single and double rack & pinion actuator designs , results from the four pistons which generate torque around a centrally located pinion, thereby giving more than double the torque achieved by these other designs. The increased number of pistons in the actuator allows their diameter to be reduced while maintaning its high torque. This also allows the overall size of the actuator to be reduced and become more compact.




Superior Corrosion Resistance
The body and covers are anodized internally and externally, providing protection against ingress of corrosive atmosphere. An external epoxy base layer and a second polyurethane paint provides additional protection against aggressive environments. Optional Electroless Nickel Coating of body, covers and stop.
Less Air Consumption
The actuator gives maximum torque for minimum air consumption. It is both compact in size and energy efficient, creating a fast-responding, trouble-free, high cycle lifespan. The cube sl)aoe of the actuator and the short piston travel serve to minimize excess space. This is space which is not swept by piston travel and which must be pressurized before the piston motion begins; therefore, reducing the pressurization of excess space and resulting in reduced energy requirements.
Balanced Forces
The cube-shaped configuration of the actuator positions the pistons so that each piston develops thrust along its own axis, rather than the off-axis thrust, that results from the geometry of most other actuator configurations. Piston side loading, caused by off-axis thrust, does not occur, thus resulting in less stress on the seals.
Nested Springs
Four-spring chambers can use up to three different spring sizes , which are nested between the covers and pistons and are aligned by centering rings. Each spring is wound in the opposite direction to its neighbor to avoid entanglement. As there are four cylinders, there are many more spring combination possibilities than with double piston actuators. This results in better solutions for any air supply pressure required. Special painting of the springs provides higher corrosion resistance to the environment, giving A(SR, DA) C D E more than 250 hours of life in a salt spray bath.

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