207 Pressure Switch

The model 207 Pressure Switch is suitable for setpoints between 0 and 1 bar absolute with maximum working pressures up to 3 bar. Designed in the mid-1970s and developed over subsequent years, the Performance Series switch range offers users the broadest range of options, the highest levels of set-point repeatability and the confidence of long term performance that a mature product such as this can prove.

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Precision stainless steel mechanism for arduous atmospheres and high humidity.

Set point adjustable over whole range against calibrated scale with tamperproof adjuster.

Weatherproof and Flameproof models ATEX and IECEx

Safety vented or blow out device as standard.

NACE MR-01-75 compatibility. • Hermetically sealed microswitch option.

Sealed reference vacuum for true absolute pressure sensing.

Ranges available up to 1000 mbar absolute (760 torr). Static pressure up to 3 bar absolute (45 psia).

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