Synatel WG1+PU1DR Switch

The Synatel PU1DR is a self-contained pulse-input underspeed monitor with an auto-calibrating function, designed to trip a relay when the speed falls below 80% of normal. It is normally used for monitoring the speed of belt-driven conveyors. It contains a built-in proximity switch and requires a suitable rotating target. It is often used with our Whirligig mounting accessory, which requires only a tapped hole in the shaft to be monitored. The Whirligig incorporates a 2-, 4- or 8-pole target, plus a mounting bed for the PU1DR. A further accesory is our Magcon magnetic attachment, which can fit to steel shafts and provide the required M12 hole without having to drill the shaft.

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Supply                                  12-24V dc/24-240V ac

Operating Temp               -15°C to +50°C

Operating Speed              10-3600 PPM

I.P. Rating                            IP65

Operating Distance         12mm max (ferrous target-25mm dia. min.)

Weight                                 500g

View Specifications Here

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