Industrial Range Dead-Weight Tester 15 to 1000 mbar

The BGP base can be used with any BGP series piston, allowing testing from 15 mbar to 120 bar. The base requires a supply of gas slightly above test pressure, and has precision inlet / outlet valves and a screwpress to enable easy regulation and adjustment of pressure.

The BGP1 has a 1/2in2 high chrome steel piston/cylinder unit. The design has been proven over many years to provide excellent sensitivity and stability. Low start pressure is achieved through use of a hollow piston and aluminium head.

NOTE: Model BGP1 can be used on vacuum with a model 24 adaptor.

All certificates issued for Budenberg Dead-weight Testers are fully traceable to national standards via equipment with UKAS calibration certificates.

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All certificates issued for Budenberg Dead-weight testers are fully traceable to the national standards via equipment with UKAS calibration certificates. A standard accuracy of 0.015% is achieved from 10% of a range using correction figures supplied to compensate for the effects of gravity, temperature and the actual area of piston unit. Standard accuracy without any corrections for actual area is 0.02% from 100 to 1000 mbar. Higher accuracy Class A testers are available (supplied with UKAS Calibration certificates for area and mass) allowing an accuracy of 0.006% to be achieved.

Spares, repair and re-certification

Comprehensive service and calibration capability of both Budenberg and non Budenberg test equipment: Dead-weight Testers (working service or full overhaul). Portable calibrators (Budenberg & non- Budenberg). Comparators. All accuracy ranges can be supplied with UKAS Calibration Certificates. Certification traceable to national standards. Rapid turn-around times and hire items available as a temporary replacement for strategically important plant.

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