Stainless Steel Case & Stainless Steel Internals Model 1080s-1084s

Gas and Steam in excess of 25 Bar pressure can represent danger if there is a rupture in the Bourdon Tube measuring this gas. To minimize the danger, gauges in this application should be Safety Pattern type, having solid front between Bourdon tube and dial, safety window and blow-out back to allow any blast to release to the rear of gauge. Although there is not necessarily any great risk in the use of gauges for gases at pressure less than 25 Bar, a blow-out disc should be incorporated and the purchaser should have regard to the nature of the gas and the installation conditions and, if necessary, order a gauge of the Safety Pattern type.


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Stainless Steel Safety Pattern Gauge with Bafe Wall (Weatherproof to IP66)

63, 100 and 150 mm

Case/ Bezel
316 Stainless Steel

Socket & Element
316 Stainless Steel or Brass (Ph.Br or BeCu Element, Range Dependant)

Stainless Steel or Brass

Blowout Protection
S3 Safety Pattern with Bafe Wall and Blow-out Back

White Anodised Aluminium (Black Printing)

Black Aluminium

Laminated Safety Glass

All instruments are individually calibrated and have an unique Serial Number


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