Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge, Safety Pattern Construction

An impressive technical specification and wide range of standard features make the PREMIUM the obvious choice for a wide range of process and engineering applications.
Embodying an all 316 Stainless Steel construction, the 966GP incorporates a solid baffle wall and blow out back for operator protection and standard features such as IP67 environmental protection , not normally available on comparative units.

An extensive choice of options can be fitted to any standard unit whilst fully customised units can be manufactured to suit any customer’s requirements.
Monel wetted parts, can be provided for customers who seek units to meet NACE-01-75 specification see 966MGP.

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Case & Bezel
Rugged one-piece full Safety Pattern case to S3 standard with a solid baffle partition wall and full blow out back Movement manufactured in 1.6mm thick, 316L stainless steel.

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