Blanes Pressure Solutions have completed our very first Green Hydrogen Project. Both the VIBRAGAUGE® and our Low Pressure Draught Gauge have been equipped with manifolds to accommodate the hydrogen industry. 

We also provided Hydro Pressure Testing on each of the gauges and issued each one with a SANAS  traceable certificate.

More About Our VIBRAGAUGE®

The Pressure Gauge For Vibration Problems

The answer is in the “VIBRAGAUGE ®” the specially designed movement which slows down the fluctuations of the pointer spindle thereby preventing the above conditions from causing rapid wear on the quadrant which gives greatly extended life and cost savings in the long term. It can be considered as a suitable alternative to Glycerine filled instruments. The “VIBRAGAUGE ®” is available in all our bourdon tube gauges. If you have had trouble finding the answer to this problem specify “VIBRAGAUGE ®” – the economical solution. Independent tests have proved that it works.

VIBRAGAUGE® has been specially developed to meet the problem of excessive vibration which is the biggest single contributory factor in limiting the life of the instrument. It also helps to protect against the problems associated with rapid surge or loss in pressure and trying to obtain an accurate reading from a fluttering pointer.

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More About Our Low Pressure Stainless Steel Case Draught Gauge Model 1061S-1064S

1060 series Low pressure gauges are designed for the petrochemical, refrigeration, HVAC, industrial gases and ventilation industries. Suitable for use on Dry Air & Gas only.

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We also offer SANAS traceable calibrations complete with a certificate, valid for 1 year on our premises.

We can also arrange a SANAS certificate.

Blanes Pressure Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of pressure measurement instruments.

Blanes Pressure Solutions was founded in 2002 to take over the pressure business of Blanes Instruments CC, and can trace its pedigree back to 1893, when Robert Blane left Scotland to make his fortune on the Witwatersrand.

For more information on placing orders, after care and maintenance services you can contact our Sales Manager Ronel Olivier on or 011 422 1749.

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