Our piston sensor models are for liquid applications where durability and long life are required. Their simple design has fewer parts to wear out and also keeps the price low. A magnet attached to the dial pointer shaft follows a spring-loaded sensor magnet that moves as differential pressure changes. In this way the DP displacement of the sensor is translated to our easy-to-read 2.5 to 6-inch diameter dials. Select from a variety of options such as follower pointers, red arcs and mounting brackets along with switch, relay or transmitter outputs. See page 5 for a complete list of standard options.

Piston Sensor Differential Pressure Gauges

These piston sensor differential pressure gauges measure the pressure difference between two points. Acting in the place of two pressure gauges, these units allow for one simple reading on an easy-to-read scale. Popular in filtration, hydraulics and heat exchangers, they are a low cost alternative to bourdon tube and bellows designs.

  • Pressure body and wetted parts: aluminum,
    brass & stainless steel
  • Dial sizes: 2.5″, 3.5″, 4.5″ & 6″
  • Porting locations: In-line, back & bottom
  • Mounting: Panel, wall & pipe

Note: Our piston sensor models are best for liquid applications as they have a slight amount of fluid migration from the high to low pressure ports. Select our diaphragm models for air or gas applications or where fluid migration cannot be tolerated.

Differential Pressure Gauges, Switches, Relays, Transmitters

A variety of reed switches, relays and transmitters can accompany the gauges or be supplied on their own, without a dial. SPST switches are offered normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.). SPDT reed switches are also available. DPDT relays are offered for high inductance applications, such as those incorporating motors or solenoids. Transmitters offer a current or voltage output. More information on switches, relays and transmitters.

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Blanes Pressure Solutions provides aftercare where we can SERVICE and SANAS calibrate Deadweight Testers & Gauges.

For more information on placing orders, after care and maintenance services you can contact our Sales Manager Ronel Olivier on ronel@pressuresolutions.co.za or 011 422 1749.

Blanes Pressure Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of pressure measurement instruments.

Our customer base is vast with a vast range of blue chip companies as customers, ranging from Afrox, to including but not limited to, Air Products, Air Liquide, Anglo American, De Beers, Eskom, Impala Platinum, Unilever, SAB Miller, Sappi, and Sasol, to name but a few. Agreements with various manufacturers around the world, result in a comprehensive range of indicators, switches, transmitters and accessories.

Blanes Pressure Solutions was founded in 2002 to take over the pressure business of Blanes Instruments CC, and can trace its pedigree back to 1893, when Robert Blane left Scotland to make his fortune on the Witwatersrand.

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