Chemical Seals
Chemical Seals form a barrier between the instrument and the pressure medium. Their main uses are to protect against blockage of the instrument’s pressure entry, and to protect against corrosion.

Our hygienic range offers flush diaphragm chemical seals with industry standard fittings, such as DIN 11851 or Triclover.

Our locally designed DIN seals have several unique features:

• The edge weld design makes the diaphragm the only process wetted part, thus allowing cost-effective 304 stainless steel for the body.
• The body has a built-in diaphragm bed, providing full protection in the case of over-pressure or loss of fill.

*The Hygienic design has the diaphragm welded to the body which is compatible with industry standard hygienic couplings

*Instrument mounting is direct with conventional bleed screw

*The multi-instrument adaptor enables two instruments, usually a gauge and a miniature transmitter, to be operated from the same seal. Care must be taken that the combined displacement of the instruments does not exceed the capacity of the seal.

We also offer SANAS traceable calibrations complete with a certificate, valid for 1 year on our premises.

We can also arrange a SANAS certificate.

Blanes Pressure Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of pressure measurement instruments.

Blanes Pressure Solutions was founded in 2002 to take over the pressure business of Blanes Instruments CC, and can trace its pedigree back to 1893, when Robert Blane left Scotland to make his fortune on the Witwatersrand.

For more information on placing orders, after care and maintenance services you can contact our Sales Manager Ronel Olivier on or 011 422 1749.

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