Product supplied to Petrochemical Division for the First Time.

Blanes Digital Temperature Gauge is a high precision intelligent digital temperature gauge, which uses an imported PT100 temperature sensor. It can accurately display the temperature and has long-term stability.

This digital temperature gauge is equipped with a 5-digit display of a large LCD display, with multiple functions such as backlight, switch on and off, unit switching, low voltage alarm, peak recording, etc.

It is easy to operate and install.

The Blanes Digital Temperature Gauge is made of a 304 stainless steel shell and joint, with excellent resistance, and can measure gas, liquid, oil, and other non-corrosive media.

The product is powered by standard AA batteries or USB, with low power.

Technical Information:
☆Range: 50~300 Customizable
☆Accuracy class: 0.2% FS 0.5% FS optional
☆Installation connector: G1/4, G1/2 can be customized
☆Probe length: customizable

Product Application:
◇Supporting instruments and meters
◇Construction machinery
◇Automatic production line
◇Petrochemical industry
◇Environmental monitoring

Blanes Pressure Solutions provides aftercare where we can SERVICE and SANAS calibrate Deadweight Testers & Gauges.

For more information on placing orders, after care and maintenance services you can contact our Sales Manager Ronel Olivier on or 011 422 1749.

Blanes Pressure Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of pressure measurement instruments.

Blanes Pressure Solutions was founded in 2002 to take over the pressure business of Blanes Instruments CC, and can trace its pedigree back to 1893, when Robert Blane left Scotland to make his fortune on the Witwatersrand.

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