Previously part of Blanes Instruments, Blanes Pressure Solutions was formed in January 2003 as a specialist supplier of mainly pressure instrumentation to the process industries.

Over the years, Blanes has built a reputation for supplying products that provide low cost of ownership, often through careful matching of product and application.


The agreement between Blane & Co and Budenberg Gauge Co. in 1958 marked the start of the involvement of the Blanes companies in the instrumentation field. Today, DH Budenberg products are found in most significant pressure laboratories and instrument workshops in Southern Africa.

Blanes’ cooperation with Stewart-Buchanan of Scotland has resulted in the Blanes range of pressure gauges, which offers South African customers the service and flexibility associated with the smaller company, combined with the large scale resources of the large scale manufacturer. Blanes’ own range of chemical seals, designed locally to suit South African conditions, offers features not often seen, extending the utility of our full range of instruments.

Agreements with various manufacturers around the world, result in a comprehensive range of indicators, switches, transmitters and accessories. Click on the products tab to explore the range.

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