Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Please see below our range of Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Alia APT8000

Digital process, low cost, dual compartment, display, HART.
This is an extremely competitive offering, flexibly designed to accommodate most requirements for safe area applications.

Delta 2HT

All stainless steel, rangeable, explosionproof, IS, HART, indicator

Delta 387

All stainless steel, rangeable, explosionproof, IS

Impress AS

Autosport, low cost, fast, rugged,

Impress ASLA

Autosport, airbox

Impress ASM

Autosport, miniature

Impress ASMP

Autosport, miniature, autosport connector

Impress ASMT

Autosport, miniature, pressure and temperature dual output

Impress ATM/T

Fixed range no adjustment, low to high pressures, temperature output

Impress DMK331

Fixed range no adjustment ,normal pressures, aggressive media, IS, flush

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