Alia AMC2100

Flow converter for magnetic flow tubes. This is our general purpose transmitter offering, for use with the AMF300 small threaded flowtubes, the AMF500 wafer designs, the AMF600 sanitary designs, and the AMF900 general purpose flanged designs.

Alia APT8000

Digital process, low cost, dual compartment, display, HART.
This is an extremely competitive offering, flexibly designed to accommodate most requirements for safe area applications.

Impress IMSL

Submersible, fixed range, silicon, low level.

Alia ADP9000L

Digital process, low cost, dual compartment, display, HART

Alia AMF900

Flowtube, electromagnetic, flanged, 6 - 2000 mm.
This is a very competitive standard electromagnetic flow sensor, available in a wide variety of sizes, flange types, liner and electrode materials.

Alia AUF750

Ultrasonic transit time,for fixed installations,

BM UC551

Ultrasonic, HART, display, PVDF, 4m range

Alia AVF7000

Vortex, gas, steam, liquid, wafer, flanged, compensated,


Radar, pulse, 26 GHz, HART, Intrinsically safe, screwed rod, liquids

Alia AVF250

Variable area metal, available in mechanical or electronic versions.

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