Conveyor Switches

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4B B400 Elite

Belt alignment monitor

Synatel WG1+PU1DR

The Synatel PU1DR is a self-contained pulse-input underspeed monitor with an auto-calibrating function, designed to trip a relay when the speed falls below 80% of normal. It is normally used for monitoring the speed of belt-driven conveyors. It contains a built-in proximity switch and requires a suitable rotating target.
It is often used with our Whirligig mounting accessory, which requires only a tapped hole in the shaft to be monitored. The Whirligig incorporates a 2-, 4- or 8-pole target, plus a mounting bed for the PU1DR.
A further accesory is our Magcon magnetic attachment, which can fit to steel shafts and provide the required M12 hole without having to drill the shaft.

4B Pullswitch

Pull switch, flag, tension monitor, location monitor

4B Bulldog

Belt alignment sensor, belt rip detector

4B T400

Bearing Temperature Monitor, local

4B T500

Bearing Temperature Monitor, bus operated

4B Touchswitch

Touch switch, belt alignment, no moving parts


Bearing Temperature Switch

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