4B B400 Elite

Belt alignment monitor

Delta Classic 301

Classic, diaphragm, process, low - medium pressure, explosionproof, 11 MPa static.

Delta's Classic range is flexible enough to cope with most DP switch applications. South African certification is available for explosion-proof models.

Delta M FS4200

No Description

Delta VM2

Low cost process, all stainless, welded diaphragm, explosion proof, medium pressure.
This general purpose process switch is stocked in a general configuration which is ΒΌ" NPTF process entry, M20 electrical entry and GP SPDT microswitch. The Explosion-proof versions have South African certification.

Synatel DML4

Digimatic, Capacitive, digital, autocalibrating, solid probe

Delta 31016

Classic, diaphragm, low cost, fixed deadband, very low pressure

Delta Classic 204

Classic, diaphragm, high overload, sensitive, low medium pressure, explosionproof

Delta Classic 201

Classic, bellows, process, fixed deadband, low medium pressure, explosionproof

Delta Classic 231

Classic, Bourdon tube, high pressure, sensitive, explosionproof, fixed deadband

Delta Sentry D01

Low cost process, diaphragm, stainless steel wetted parts, low DP, 100 kPa static

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