Kari Product Range

We have just been appointed exclusive official distributors in Southern Africa for Kari of Finland., with direct access to the factory.

Kari are famous for their “pear-ball” type float level switches, which have been developed into comprehensive liquid  level monitoring and control devices. Their full size floats can incorporate up to 4 control points, allowing pump control plus high and low level alarms to be implemented from a single inexpensive device. The position of the weight is used to adjust the deadband. Floats are available in diameters of 170mm, 99mm and 76mm.

Where a complete package is required, their KSH-3 alarm box provides audible and visual warning, plus an alarm relay for remote signalling.

For solid materials, their silo-switch is a simple tilt switch for either top mount or side mount applications. This is suitable for both gravel and cereals, and is available in both normally open and normally closed items.

To complement these mainstream products, there are a couple of more specialised products available.

They have developed an electrode switch unit for sewage pumping applications which is extremely reliable.

Because so many of their products are used with submersible pumps, which often have to be removed for maintenances, they have developed a quick-acting power connector with between 4 and 10 poles, allowing the pump to be disconnected and re-connected without the presence of an electrician.

Their LS-90 thermal fuse is used to protect oil-burner applications, to cut-off power in the event of fire.

They have developed a very compact float-type switch which is optically monitored, thus allowing used in hazardous areas, without Ex approval.

We look forward to making level control much simpler, lower cost and more reliable.

Integration with Existing Lines:

The Alia product range is synergistic with our current offering, with specific reference to our Simex range of digital indicators, and the Blanes range of chemical seals.

This is an exciting addition to our product range, and I expect it to accelerate the amount of mutual

business we are already doing, particularly in these times where every penny counts.

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