Alia Product Range

We have just been appointed exclusive official distributors in Southern Africa for Alia Group Inc., with direct access to the factory.

The Alia product range is generally complementary to our existing product range, with strengths in pressure and flow, supported by a range of auxiliary products.

These products can be described as quality, competitively priced instrumentation.  They are of modern design, well made and attractively priced. In many cases they offer alternative lower cost materials as the standard, (eg 304 stainless steel instead of 316 stainless steel), with an upgrade price to the more expensive version if required or desired.  Allow us to introduce you now to our new product line:

Magnetic Flow Meters

These are made up of a flowtube/sensor coupled with an integrally or remotely mounted transmitter.  The Alia mags perform exceedingly well on almost any conductive process with a conductivity >5 microsiemens per centimeter.  Advanced signal processing and coil excitation permits the Alia mag to reliably measure almost any conductive process including water, chemicals, sewage, low consistency pulp etc.  Mineral and abrasive slurries should be approached with caution on a case by case basis.  At this stage we have no local certification for hazardous areas, but that may be arranged in due course.


There are 4 styles of transmitters available from Alia.  They are all mains or DC powered and available integrally or remotely mounted.

  • The ‘workhorse’ of the transmitter line is the AMC2100.  The AMC2100 is a full featured mag transmitter that comes in an epoxy coated, aluminium  housing.  This microprocessor-based transmitter features a turndown ratio of better than 50:1, a measurement uncertainty in excess of  0.4% (R) and a repeatability of +/- 0.1% (R).
  • The AMC2100E is the AMC2100 with dual/differential 100 ohm PTD inputs and internal energy/BTU calculation.  This is perfect for HVAC applications, passive heating apps and heat exchanger efficiency monitoring.
  • The AMC3100 is an explosion proof designed transmitter mounted in an aluminium process housing.  It features an uncertainty of 0,2% (R) with a similar turndown ratio and repeatability to the AMC2100.
  • AMC4000 is a battery powered version for applications without mains or 24VDC power.



AMF900 is the most popular type of sensor.  This is a flanged flowtube for general purpose use. It is available in diameters from 6mm up to 2 000mm, with liners made from neoprene, polyurethane, PTFE, FEP and PFA. The basic model has carbon steel coil housing and flanges. Optionally 304 or 316 stainless steel housing can be had.  Electrodes materials include 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy B or C, titanium, tantalum, platinum and tungsten carbide. The product is available with optional integral grounding electrodes or grounding rings.  Temperatures to 180ºC are possible. The flow tube sensor is standard IP65 with IP68 for submerged or buried applications optionally available.

  • AMF500 is a wafer version of the above, suitable for sizes from 25mm to 200mm, with an FEP liner only and is not submersible.
  • AMF300 is a very compact BSP threaded version for sizes from 2,5mm up to 40mm.
  • AMF601 is a sanitary version with stainless steel hygienic fittings.

Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

AVF250 is a flanged, metal-tube, variable area flow meter that provides flow indication for liquids and gases.  It is available with optional alarm outputs, 4-20 mA output and HART or RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU) communications outputs.

The base model has a mechanical indicator with a 10 to 1 turndown and features a 1 to 1,6% (FS) accuracy. An externally powered (optional battery powered) electronic indicator is available for totalising with external power required for alarm switching or transmitting functions.

The bottom-to-top configuration is the lowest cost version, but other versions are available for left-to-right or right-to-left, bottom to top side, and bottom side to top side. Wetted parts are 304 or 316 stainless steel, unprotected or PTFE lined. The product comes in sizes from 15 mm to 200 mm, and measures liquid flow rates from 1.0 L/Hr to 200,00 L/Hr and gas flow rates from 0,03 NM3/hr to 3,000 NM3/Hr with pressure ratings of 4 000kPa for sizes to 50mm and 1 600 kPa for larger sizes.

Vortex Flow Meters

The AVF7000 is a vortex shedding flow meter. It features the typical 20:1 turndown with accuracies of better than +/-0.7% (R) for liquids and better than +/- 1.0% (R) for liquids.  The meters measure reliably across the calibrated range but like all vortex meters have a minimum process velocity under which the meter ceases to shed vortices.  This is a function of density, viscosity and flow or in other words the Reynolds number.  Best contact Blanes for sizing assistance for your application.

This meter is available in wafer designs from DN40 to DN250, and flanged designs from DN10 to DN500. The flanged designs have an option for pressure and temperature compensation. Versions are available for temperatures ranging from -40 up to 420ºC.

These meters are the gold standard for measuring steam.  To measure gas or steam flows the flanged meters are available with user configured pressure and temperature compensation values or if the values fluctuate, the pressure and temperature compensation can either be brought in from external transmitters or the meter can be supplied with integral pressure and temperature transmitters.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

One of the fastest growing fields of flow measurement is Ultrasonic Flow Meters.  Alia offers Time of Flight technology in both portable and fixed mounting type configurations.

Time of Flight meters operate by transmitting ultra sonic beams of sound (+20 kHz) across the pipe both with the flow direction and against the flow.  The transit times are then compared and corrected for angle of incidence (Snell’s Law) and any time difference is a function of the flowing process’s velocity.  This velocity measurement is then integrated with the pipe’s ID and a flow rate calculated.

Time of Flight (TOF) meters, as opposed to Doppler principle meters, only work on relatively clean, particulate- and bubble-free homogeneous liquids. The advantages of TOF Ultra sonic meters are that they can be installed without violating the integrity of the pipe and they do not block the flow.  When properly installed, the precision error component of the measurement uncertainty is better than +/-1 to 2% (R) for clamp-on types and better than can be better than +/- 0.5 to 1.0% (R) for meters with integral electrodes that have been flow calibrated in a certified flow lab. The turndown ratio is ~50:1.

  • AUF600 is a portable device which can be used on pipes from 15mm to 6 000mm diameter using clamp-on transducers for pipe temperatures of -20 + 120C.
  • AUF610 is also handheld device but has high temperature transducers (-40 to 160C) optionally available.
  • AUF750 is for fixed installations but still uses clamp-on transducers for temps to cover -40 to 160C
  • AUF760 is a spool-piece design where the transducers are built into the spool-piece for optimum acoustic coupling and minimum systematic error.


Pressure Transmitters

These modern designs recognise that 316 stainless steel is getting too expensive to be an automatic choice for instrumentation parts. Let’s face it, 90-odd percent of transmitter applications are on oil, air or water where there is no justification for using 316 stainless steel over the cheaper 304.

When we look at common chemicals, both grades get attacked pretty much equally by salt water, ammonia and cyanide, although caustic soda is better resisted by 316, so the Alia approach is that the sensible shopper saves money.

The Alia range can best be described as moderately priced quality, reliable pressure transmitters.  At this stage, although designed for hazardous area installation, there are NO official classified area approvals.  The transmitters are available with optional HART communication protocol.  Blanes is pleased to offer a well made, reasonably priced pressure transmitter with standard process features.

There are three physical configurations available:


This is the standard transmitter for gauge or absolute pressures.  We are stocking the APT8000 in its least expensive form.  This features a 316 stainless steel diaphragm, a 304 stainless steel port, a simple 4 – 20 mA analogue output signal, and a dual aluminium enclosure with M20 entry. URLs range from 30 kPa up to 70 MPa, with a turndown of up to 100:1 if some performance loss can be tolerated. Configuration from the keypad/indicator is simple. Martin claims to re-ranging can be done in 30 seconds. Our stock products will be priced under R6 000,00.


This is the standard DP transmitter for general purpose use. Specifications are much like the APT8000 above. The lowest cost version offers a 316 stainless steel diaphragm, 304 stainless steel flanges and vent/drain valves, carbon steel bolting and mounting bracket. Perhaps unusually, the standard version has only a 4 000 kPa MWP, but then again, how often is more needed? If more is needed, it is available, just stump up!

URLs range from 1,5 kPa up to 25 MPa, so the unit is quite capable of handling virtually all applications.


This is the ADP9000 with a flanged remote seal integrally attached to the high pressure side for hydrostatic tank level measurements. This design is intended for flange mounting onto tanks. The large flush diaphragm (various diaphragm sizes and variable extension lengths available), provides reliable, stable accurate measurements of everything from head box levels to tank-farm systems with pressurised blanket gases.

Flanges may be carbon steel, or 304 or 316 stainless steel, allowing the most cost effective option to be chosen.  Diaphragms are available in almost any material required for process metallurgical compatibility.


In addition to the mainstream instruments briefly described above, Alia offers a varity of accessories for use with them.


Paperless Recorders

Alia ARC800

This is a universal input recorder (96mm X 96mm)  with 1 – 4 channels, data acquisition capability, a 3.5″ colour LCD screen, USB/SD card data storage and RS-232/RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU)  connectivity.

Alia ARC900

This larger (144mm X 144mm) version of the ARC800 features 1 – 16 channels with universal inputs, a 5.6″ colour LCD screen, USB/SD card data storage and RS-232/RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU)  connectivity with.

Both recorders come with PC software that permits seamless transfer of archived data in comma delimited format for saving as MS.Excel files and further manipulation or presentation.


Communication Tools


This is a HART modem to allow HART communication from a laptop computer with USB ports. HART communication software is available.


This is a self-contained generic HART communicator, designed to handle industry standard functions, although not functions unique to specific manufacturers. It is ideal for use with Alia products.


Integration with Existing Lines:

The Alia product range is synergistic with our current offering, with specific reference to our Simex range of digital indicators, and the Blanes range of chemical seals.

This is an exciting addition to our product range, and I expect it to accelerate the amount of mutual

business we are already doing, particularly in these times where every penny counts.


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